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I Lost Everything in Axie Infinity
I used to love playing Axie Infinity, a crypto-meets-Pokémon game where you raise, battle, and trade cute NFT pets called Axies. It was my favorite hobby and source of income. I had a lot of fun and made a lot of money by playing the game and selling the tokens and items I earned. But then, everything went wrong.

It all started when I got greedy. I wanted to have more Axies, more tokens, and more money. I wanted to be the best player in the game and have the most valuable collection. I started to spend more time and money on the game than on anything else. I neglected my family, my friends, my health, and my work.

I bought more ETH from Coinbase and sent it to my Metamask wallet. I bought more Axies from the game’s marketplace. I bred more Axies and sold them for profit. I played more battles and quests and earned more SLP and AXS tokens. I traded more tokens on exchanges like Coinbase.

I thought I was smart and lucky. I thought I was making a fortune. But I was actually making a mistake.

I didn’t realize that the prices of SLP and AXS tokens were volatile and unpredictable. They could go up or down at any moment. I didn’t realize that the game’s marketplace was competitive and risky. There were many scammers and hackers who could steal or destroy my Axies. I didn’t realize that the game’s community was toxic and hostile. There were many trolls and haters who could harass or bully me.

I learned these things the hard way.

One day, the prices of SLP and AXS tokens crashed. They dropped by more than 90% in a matter of hours. I panicked and tried to sell my tokens before they became worthless. But it was too late. I lost most of my money in the process.

Another day, the game’s marketplace was hacked. Someone exploited a vulnerability in the smart contract and stole or deleted thousands of Axies. I checked my account and found out that most of my Axies were gone. I cried and tried to contact the game’s developers for help. But they couldn’t do anything about it.

Another day, the game’s community turned against me. Someone spread rumors and lies about me on social media and forums. They accused me of cheating, scamming, botting, and other bad things. I denied and tried to defend myself. But they didn’t listen or care.

I lost everything in Axie Infinity. I lost my money, my Axies, my reputation, and my happiness. I felt depressed and hopeless.

I regretted playing Axie Infinity. It was not worth it. It ruined my life.
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